Remedial Training Requirements
Credentials are approved for two examination cycles. If certification has not been achieved within two examination cycles, remedial training will be required. Remedial training must take place in a training center accredited by the CCMG for the trainee’s specialty area.

A remedial training plan to address deficiencies must be proposed by a qualified training program supervisor in a CCMG accredited training centre, and be approved by the site’s Training program director.  The original training program supervisor should be consulted on the remediation plan if remedial training will take place at an alternate training centre.  Prior to the commencing remedial training, the remedial training registration form (available on the CCMG website) and remedial training plan should be submitted to the CCMG Management Office for review and approval by the CCMG Credentials Committee.

Evidence of completion of remedial training must be submitted to the CCMG Management Office for review by the CCMG Credentials Committee. At a minimum, this documentation must include an application for Re-Assessment of Credentials, a Final in training evaluation form (FITER), a letter from the supervisor certifying that deficiencies identified have been addressed and how this has been accomplished. Documentation should also include additional material where relevant, for example case logbooks, as specified by the remediation plan. Applications for assessment of the remediation training program will be reviewed according to the standard credentialing timeline. Trainees will be notified in writing of the outcome of the credentials review.  Credentialing fees will apply.

Remedial Training Form 

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