The CMHF recognizes and celebrates individuals in medicine whose work has advanced human health and inspires the pursuit of careers in the health sciences.  His/her work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments. Pioneers in their field, they are role models to young Canadians who wish to pursue careers in health science and a source of inspiration for all Canadians to celebrate the important contributions made by Canadians to global health.

Dr. Hall is a pediatrician and geneticist specializing in the genetic factors that affect children’s growth. With more than 325 publications, Dr. Hall has been at the international forefront of genetics and pediatrics for more than four decades. Her interests include human congenital anomalies such as neural tube defects, and conditions such as arthrogryposis, forms of dwarfism and other genetic causes of short stature.

Data from her research is available in the Handbook of Physical Measurements, an essential resource for physicians worldwide. Dr. Hall has clarified medical understanding of how folic acid helps reduce birth defects and has developed new ways to classify congenital and genetic conditions. As head of Paediatrics at UBC and BC Children’s Hospital, Dr. Hall worked with physicians to develop guidelines for the care of common disorders, and with lay groups to explain genetic disease and help parents choose among the available care options.

The formal induction ceremony was be held on April 23, 2015 at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Dr. Hall was CCMG's 2013 Founder Award Recipient and is a member Emeritus of the CCMG.

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