Emeritus Membership

The Emeritus status is conferred by the A&N committee to CCMG members who:

  • Are fully retired from medical genetics practice.
  • Contributed to the CCMG community by actively serving on CCMG committees including Board for at least 15 years.

All past presidents of the CCMG as well as past recipients of the Founders’ Award for Career Achievement, the John L. Hamerton Service Award or the F. Clarke Fraser Award for Excellence in Mentorship and Teaching qualify for Emeritus status upon retirement from medical genetics practice.

Emeritus members may continue to sit on committees and have a vote, but are not required to pay annual membership fees.

In August, the CCMG Office will forward to the Awards and Nominations Committee the list of CCMG members who retired between July 1st, of the previous year and June 30th, of the current year, for a nomination on January 1st of the following year. The office will indicate when these individuals are past presidents or past award recipients.

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Honorary Affiliate

The CCMG Board of Directors may offer honorary affiliation to those individuals who have not been members of the Corporation, and who have made substantial contributions to Medical Genetics.

This distinction recognizes members of the medical genetics community whose affiliation will honour them and the College. The nominee would have had a strong impact on CCMG members’ practice, or on the field of genetic in general.

A Honorary Affiliate:

  • is nominated by any CCMG member (including Emeritus) by sending a letter of nomination and a CV of the nominee to the Awards and Nominations Committee at any time during the year.
  • is entitled to serve on standing or special committees of the College with the exception of the Examinations Committee, the Credentials Committee, the Accreditation of Centres Committee, the Nominations Committee or the Board of Directors;
  • does not have voting rights at Annual General Meetings of the College;
  • cannot use the FCCMG designation;
  • annual dues are waived.

A maximum of one award is bestowed per year.

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