Examinations - Request for Reconsideration / Appeals

Candidates for CCMG Fellowship who have challenged CCMG examinations have the right to appeal decisions of the Examination Committee whereby the candidate has been judged to have failed a certifying examination, in the circumstances of process irregularities.   

The reconsideration/appeal processes is designed to address any procedural irregularities that might have materially affected a candidate’s performance. The reconsideration/appeal processes are not available to challenge the content of the examination or the correctness of the answers.

Step 1: A candidate’s Request for Reconsideration must be in writing and sent to the CCMG office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) within thirty (30) days of the date that the examination results were released.  The Request for Reconsideration can be submitted in French or English, and must include: 1) the ground(s) for the request 2) the rationale for the request 3) all relevant documents in support of the request and 4) the relief sought. 

Step 2:  If the Chair of examinations or his or her designate determines that reconsideration is valid, a Reconsideration Panel will be constituted to review the submission.

Step 3:  Any candidate wishing to Appeal a decision of the Reconsideration Panel shall notify the CCMG office in writing of such intention within fourteen (14) days of the date that the decision of the Reconsideration Panel is communicated. An Appeal panel would then be constituted to convene a hearing.

Fees: A certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of $500 CAD and payable to the “Canadian College of Medical Geneticists” must accompany an Applicant’s Request for Reconsideration. If the Request for Reconsideration is determined to be not valid or the Reconsideration Panel denies the Applicant’s request for reconsideration and the Applicant does not file a Notice of Appeal, a $200 administration fee will be retained by the CCMG and the remaining $300 will be returned to the Applicant.

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