Telehealth for Genetics Residents and Fellows. A monthly teaching session brought to you by the members of the RCPSC Specialty Committee in Medical Genetics.

January 15 - 11:00 AM ET


Speaker: Dr. Renee Perrier
Topic: Approach to cafe au lait macules

1.) Know differential diagnosis for genetic disorders associated with café au lait macules.
2.) Review appropriate investigations for patients with multiple café au lait macules.

Dr Perrier is a clinical geneticist in Calgary with particular interest in genodermatoses and tumor predisposition syndromes. She is the medical lead for the Hereditary Cancer Clinic, and also involved in undergraduate medical education.

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Speaker: Dr. Amanda Barlow
Topic: Hereditary Aortopathies

1.) Describe an overview of hereditary aortopathies that you encounter
2.) Describe the heritable aortopathy clinic at St Paul's Hospital from the points of view of staffing, services, patients and care models
3.) Describe your program's inclusion and exclusion criteria for referral and practices around genetic testing
4.) Describe how care for hereditary aortopathies is best distributed between cardiologists with special interests such as in your program, and geneticists. Provide cases exemplars your clinic is managing without geneticists' input, and contrast to case exemplars were your clinic is requesting geneticists' input
5.) Discuss future diagnostic, screening and treatment modalities for patients with hereditary aortopathies.

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November 20

December 18 - 11:00 AM ET

Speaker: Lucas Bronicki, PhD, FACMG, DABMGG
Topic: Hunting Genes of Uncertain Significance: How ClinGen’s Standardized Framework For Gene-Disease Validity is Revolutionizing Clinical Genetic Testing

1.) Understand ClinGen's standardized framework to establish the clinical validity of gene-disease pairs. 
2.) Effect of ClinGen's gene-disease validity approach on clinical genetic testing

Dr. Bronicki is an Associate Head Clinical Scientist at the children's hospital CHEO, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His clinical and research interests are focused on developing novel and cutting-edge molecular genetics diagnostic tests and improving the quality of clinical genetics laboratory results. His expertise in clinical molecular genetics include various modalities of testing, including next generation-sequencing and pharmacogenomics, for a variety of conditions, with a focus on cardiomyopathies, thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissections (TAAD) and hereditary myopathies. Additionally, he has strong interest in developing standardized and gene-specific workflows to facilitate genetic variant interpretation and determining gene-disease validity, particularly for cardiomyopathy, TAAD and hereditary myopathy -related genes.

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