At the 2013 CCMG Annual General Meeting, (Hyatt Regency, Toronto, ON) CCMG members voted and accepted the revised 2013 Bylaws.

In 2013, our lawyers, Gowlings, had recommended a two phase process for updating the Bylaws. As required by the current CCMG Bylaws, we are posting phase 2 of the update for your review 30 days before the upcoming AGM in Vancouver, BC in November 2014. Phase I of the bylaw changes was the first critical step in ensuring that the CCMG met the NFP Act requirements regarding membership and Phase 2 addresses other deficiencies or lack of clarity in the current Bylaws.

The CCMG Constitution and Bylaws Committee (C&B) and the Board of Directors (BOD) agree this change in the bylaws is in the best interest of the College and its Fellows.

All current members are invited to comment on the proposed bylaw revisions prior to the AGM. The revised bylaws will be presented to the membership for approval at the AGM on November 7, 2014, in Vancouver.

At our Annual General Meeting in Vancouver on Thursday, November 7, 2014 1630-1730,the CCMG BOD will recommend that members of CCMG vote in favour of the proposed new by-laws as prepared by the C&B committee and accepted by the BOD. In preparation for this vote, the BOD first wanted to provide a “request for comments” period to allow members to have advance notice, provide comments or ask questions to help the BOD put the documentation that will be presented at the AGM into final form for voting. 

Until the new by-laws are approved, our existing by-laws govern, including at our AGM in Vancouver.
As such:

  • Notice: Notice of the proposed adoption, repeal, or amendment of any by-law be sent to all members at least thirty days before the meeting where it will be voted on (e.g., 30 days prior to November 7, 2014), and
  • Vote: A two-thirds affirmative vote of those members present and voting at the meeting

The request for comments period will close on October 26, 2014, and any comments or questions should be submitted to the CCMG Management office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before October 26, 2014. We would then anticipate sending out notice of the new by-laws on or before 4 Thursday, November 7, 2014 in advance of a vote at our AGM. 

CCMG Bylaws 2013 OLD Bylaws
CCMG Bylaws 2013 (Redline version showing changes) OLD Bylaws
CCMG Bylaws 2014 NEW Bylaws

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