Draft Business Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
16h00-18h00 CCMG Board of Directors 
15h00-20h00 Registration
18h30-20h30 Education Ethics & Public Policy Committee (E2P2)
18h30-20h30 Examination Committee
18h30-20h30  Laboratory Practice Committee
18h30-20h30 Awards & Nomination Committee
Thursday, November 6
07h30-17h00 Registration 
08h00-10h00 Clinical Practice Committee
08h00-10h00 Scientific Program Committee
08h00-10h00 Exam Reform Committee
08h00-10h00  Accreditation of Centres Committee  
10h00-12h00  Training Committee  
10h00-12h00 Metabolics Committee  
10h00-12h00   Credentials Committee  
10h00-12h00 Constitution & Bylaws Committee 
12h30-13h15 Lunch (CCMG & CAGC)
16h00-17h00 Annual General Meeting - CCMG
AGM to include:
Approval of the Bylaws
Hamerton Service Award Presentation
Founders Award Presentation
17h00-20h00  Welcome Reception
Friday, November 7
07h00-08h00  Industry Breakfast - Invited guests with tickets 
07h00-08h30 CCMG-CAGC Presidents Meeting
07h00-08h30  PEACE-Train Commitee 
07h00-17h00  Exhibit Hall Open 
07h30-17h00 Registration
10h15-10h40 Refreshment Break 
  Lunch in Exhibit Hall
18h00-19h00 Wine & Cheese Reception
19h30-22h00 Founders Award Dinner 
Saturday, November 8   
07h00-08h30 Breakfast
07h00-08h00  Industry Breakfast - Invited Guests with tickets  
07h00-10h45  Exhibit Hall Open 
10h00-10h30 Break  
12h45-13h00 Closing Remarks
15h00-17h00  CCMG Board Meeting 
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