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Trainee Education & Career Development Day

Dear RCPSC/CCMG Trainee,

I would like to invite you to join ‘the old guard’ of Canadian genetics at the 2018 annual CCMG meeting. This year we will meet in Harrison Hot Springs in the breathtakingly beautiful Coast Mountains of British Columbia. If you are a new trainee, the CCMG annual meeting is small and intimate unlike other behemoth genetics conferences. In addition to an excellent scientific program, there will be dinner parties and award ceremonies. Everybody knows everybody. If you have been to previous annual meeting, you know we have fun.

So come hang out with your colleagues-in-training from across the country. Meet and impress the people that might be hiring you for your first jobs in not so distant future. Discuss your research interests and projects. Network.

A Trainee Education & Career Development Day is scheduled on Sunday, June 10, 2018, but I hope that you will stay for the conference. I invite you to submit an abstract to showcase your best work. In a poster session and, if chosen, platform presentation, you will have an excellent opportunity to practice presenting your work to a discerning yet welcoming audience.

Hoping to see you in Harrison Hot Springs next year,

Margaret Nowaczyk