The Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (CCMG) sets and monitors the educational standards for the training of medical genetics specialists. The CCMG Accreditation of Training Programs Committee evaluates and accredits genetics training centres in order to encourage the development and maintenance of high standards of training in medical genetic diagnostic specialties. 

Accreditation by the CCMG does not replace laboratory accreditation by a provincial or other accrediting body.  The CCMG strongly encourages each genetics specialty laboratory to obtain appropriate laboratory accreditation.

CCMG Training Centres can be accredited for training in any or all of the following specialties: 

·       Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics (joint molecular and cytogenetics training)

·       Laboratory Biochemical Genetics 

·       Clinical Biochemical Genetics

·       Clinical Genetics


Programs will be accredited for a maximum of five years, throughout which time acceptable standards must be maintained.  Changes in personnel or affiliation must be reported as soon as they occur to the Chair of the CCMG Accreditation of Training Programs Committee. Substantial changes in personnel may prompt the review of a centres status.


The fee for accreditation is $6500. The fee is payable to the CCMG at the time the applications is submitted.

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