1)      What are the roles and responsibilities of the Local CCMG Training Program director during the accreditation process?


The Local CCMG Training Program Director will be responsible for the following:

  • Identifying the local CCMG training centre team members and informing them of the upcoming accreditation, and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Providing the names and emails of the individuals involved in curriculum development, chair(s) of the supervisory committees, and current and past trainees.
  • Ensuring that the accreditation online forms are submitted on time.

2)      What information needs to be gathered for the accreditation of training programs?


Completing the online accreditation forms will require uploading supporting documentation. A checklist outlining the required documentation can be found on the CCMG website under Accreditation Documentation. 


3)      What are the phases of the accreditation procedure?


Phase 1: Notification and completion of accreditation forms

The CCMG Accreditation of Training Centres Committee will contact the Local CCMG Training Program Director to confirm that the centre wishes to undergo accreditation.

The Local CCMG Training Program Director will provide the names and emails of key individuals directly involved in the local CCMG training program. The named individuals will then receive invitations to complete online forms according to their role and responsibilities (see Accreditation Documentation for more detailed description of the required documentation).  All on-line forms should be completed by the deadline.


Phase 2: Training Centre Assessment

The information collected from the individual forms will be reviewed and assessed by the CCMG Accreditation of Training Programs Committee.


       Phase 3 Virtual Site Visit, Committee Debrief and Report

Two members of the CCMG Accreditation of Training Programs Committee will be identified as Virtual Site Visit Leads. These representatives will:

  • Communicate with the Local CCMG Training Program Director to arrange a mutually suitable date for the Virtual Site Visit.
  • Identify a list of the members of the Training Centre who are required to attend (note: all members of the local CCMG Training Centre are invited to attend as observers).

After the virtual site visit, the Site Visit Leads will prepare a report and overall recommendation.  The report may identify opportunities for improvement that will be re-assessed at the next cycle review.

The CCMG Accreditation of Training Programs Committee’s decision on accreditation renewal will be affirmed by the CCMG board of directors and communicated to the Local CCMG Training Program Director by the CCMG Management Office.

4)      How will my centre submit our accreditation renewal application?



All accreditation application forms will be managed using REDcap.  REDcap is a secure web application that builds and manages online surveys and databases. Training centres will not be required to have access to REDcap. As outlined above, the individuals named by the local CCMG Training Program Directory will receive an email with an individual link to their online application forms. The online application forms do not need to be completed all in one sitting. Users have the ability to save the forms and come back at a later time to complete the forms. Upon submission, the participant receives an email confirming receipt.


5)      How long does the entire accreditation renewal process take?


The gantt chart below outlines the anticipated time needed for the accreditation renewal process.

Timeline image

6)      What if this the first time our training centre is applying for accreditation?


For new training centres seeking accreditation for the first time, please contact the chair(s) of the CCMG Accreditation of Training Programs Committee to determine timeline for accreditation.


7)      What if the training centre has a RCPSC Medical Genetics and Genomics accredited program? Is this accreditation sufficient or do additional application forms need to be completed?


Those training sites that are RCPSC Medical Genetics and Genomics accredited do not need to complete the entire Application Form for the Clinical Genetics Training. There is an abbreviated form to complete and submit together with an uploaded copy of current RCPSC accreditation status.


8)      What if our training centre does not offer training in all specialties (i.e. Clinical Biochemical Genetics, Clinical Genetics, Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics, Laboratory Biochemical Genetics)?


CCMG training centres do not need to offer training in all specialties, they can be accredited for training in any or all of the specialties.


9)      What do I do if I do not receive an email invitation to participate in the CCMG Accreditation of Training Centres process?


1. Check all junk, spam locations where an email may have been delivered.
2. Ask your institution’s information technology support desk for help to locate it.
3. Notify This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  that you did not receive the email you are expecting.

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