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Call For Nominations - Board of Directors

The following individuals have been nominated to fill three upcoming vacancies on the Board: 

  • Tanya Nelson mol (BC)
  • Jean McGowan-Jordon cyto/mol(ON)
  • Tracy Stockley mol (ON)
  • Elizabeth McCready cyto/mol (ON)

Current Board Members

  • *Marsha Speevak (president) cyto/molecular (ON)
  • *Stacey Hume (Secretary) mol (AB)
  • *Patrice Eydoux (Treasurer) cyto (BC)
  • Roberto Mendoza cli (ON)
  • Gail Graham cli (ON) (president elect)
  • Sean Young mol (BC)
  • Hilary Valance Bioc (BC)
  • Judy Chernos Cyto (AB)

*Leaving after next AGM)

The Awards and Nominations Committee, on behalf of the Board of Directors, is requesting further nominations from the members at large.  Any member in good standing is eligible for election to the BOD, provided he/she has not served on the Board within 3 years of re-election. 

Please complete the Nomination Form.  It must be signed by the nominee who agrees to stand and accepts the commitment required of serving on the BOD. 

Deadline for nominations is September 6, 2014, two months prior to the AGM as per by-laws.  



Past Dr. John L. Hamerton Service Award Recipients

The CCMG Distinguished Service Award was first awarded in 2005.  It was renamed the Dr. John L. Hamerton Service Award in 2006.


2018     Dr. Gail Graham
2017     Dr. Janet Buchanan
2016     Dr. Marsha Speevak
2015     Dr. Wenda Greer
2014     Dr. Diane Allingham-Hawkins
2013     Dr. Judy Chernos
2012     Dr. Sylvie Langlois
2011     Dr. Alessandra Duncan
2010     Dr. Elizabeth Winsor
2009     Dr. Anne Summers
2008     Dr. Renée Martin
2007     Dr. Jane Evans
2006     Dr. Patrick MacLeod
2005     Dr. Hubert Soltan


Access Point - Alfresco

The CCMG Alfresco site has moved!  Committee members may access Alfresco here.

The Royal College Alfresco site may still be accessed here by Royal College members only. 


Documents for Review

None at this time!  Thank you for checking and be sure to mark your calendar for the 2019 Annual Meeting Niagara Falls, ON - June 22-26, 2019 - Sheraton on the Falls (Joint with the CAP-ACP)

Past Founders’ Award for Career Achievement

CCMG Founders Award for Excellence in Medical Genetics Recipients

The CCMG Founders Award for Excellence in Medical Genetics was approved by the Board on October 17, 1990. The first recipient was selected in 1991.


2017     Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg
2016     Dr. Joe T.R. Clarke
2015     Dr. Barbara McGillivray
2014     Dr. Judith Allanson
2013     Dr. Judith Hall
2012     Dr. Jane Green
2011     Dr. Peter Ray
2010     Dr. David Chitayat 
2009     Dr. J. Philip Welch
2008     Dr. Albert E. Chudley
2007     Dr. Ikuko Teshima
2006     Dr. Diane Wilson Cox
2005     Dr. Jan Marshall Friedman
2004     Dr. Patricia A. Baird
2003     Dr. Charles R. Scriver
2002     Dr. Dagmar Kalousek
2001     Dr. Alasdair Hunter
2000     Dr. Derek Applegarth
1999     Dr. Ron Worton
1998     Dr. Phyllis McAlpine and Dr. Elizabeth Ives
1997     Dr. Robert Brian Lowry
1996     Dr. Louis Dallaire and Dr. John Hamerton
1995     Dr. Irene Uchida
1994     Dr. Nancy E. Simpson
1993     Dr. James R. Miller
1992     Dr. Margaret Thompson
1991     Dr. F. Clarke Fraser