Exhausted, overwhelmed, unable to keep up? 

If so, you are practicing in the rapidly evolving field of medical genetics – and you may also be a CCMG Board member, Committee Chair, Committee member or one of our capable management staff. 

We are busy, folks!  In the last several months, the CCMG has been:



  • a completely new 2-day examination for our laboratory trainees that includes OSLEs (Objective Structured Laboratory Examinations)
  • a permanent advisory committee to oversee examination processes
  • a new CCMG award (more details to come)
  • new CCMG guidelines for prenatal microarray testing
  • new CCMG guidelines for biochemical laboratory testing
  • our 5 most important “Choosing Wisely Canada” campaign messages – look out for an upcoming survey so you can provide input!! 
  • a new CCMG logo….!



  • in the media to support Senator James Cowan’s legislation to protect Canadians from genetic insurance discrimination


and Celebrating

  • The identification of a new CCMG President! I am very pleased to announce that one of our John L. Hamerton Service Award winners, Dr. Judy Chernos, is gamely stepping up to the plate - proving that we really know how to pick our award recipients.  Judy will become President at our annual meeting in June
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