Greetings CCMG Friends and Colleagues,

It was fantastic to catch up with so many of you who attended the Annual Meeting in Montreal at the beginning of May.  It was a very successful meeting, with a superb scientific program thanks to the organizing committee as well as a terrific inaugural Fellows Education Day organized by Training and E2P2 committees.   The EM+ management team did a great job with the meeting logistics and the food was amazing.  For those who couldn’t make it, the minutes of the AGM as well as the committee reports are posted on the web site.  Next year’s meeting will be June 10 – 13, 2018, so please hold the dates!  Details will be posted soon. 

A few important things I would like to bring to the attention of the Membership, so please read on…

Call for local organizer and proposals for future AGM/Scientific Meetings
An ‘on the ground’ organizer/facilitator is needed for upcoming meetings in 2018 and 2019, to work with the Scientific Program Committee, management team and where required, examinations.  For 2021 and beyond, requests for proposals to host the CCMG meeting are being requested to ensure maximum success.  

  • 2018 meeting – Harrison Hot Springs, BC (exams in Vancouver)
  • 2019 meeting – Toronto, ON
  • 2020 meeting/exams – Winnipeg, MB (we are set! Beth Spriggs and Ron Agatep have volunteered).

Calling all volunteers with an interest in serving on an Ad Hoc Training Advisory working group. 
Background:  CCMG trained individuals are eligible to apply to sit the ABMGG examinations in their respective specialty.  This is the result of a Letter of Understanding, signed in 1994, that formalizes the reciprocal recognition of the CCMG and ABMG(G) accredited training programs and spells out the application process for sitting each other’s examinations.  Both the CCMG and ABMGG wish to continue this arrangement and together, we are working on an updated Letter of Understanding. 
As many of you are aware, the ABMGG has recently made changes to their training program streams.  The separate training programs of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics have been merged into a common stream called Laboratory Genetics and Genomics (LGG).  Any trainees entering US programs in 2018 or later, will no longer be able to train in either of the single disciplines, but will enter this hybrid LGG program that is a minimum of 2 years in length.  Single examinations will continue through the  2021 exam cycle, alongside the new LGG exam, but after that time, anyone acquiring a second subspecialty in either cytogenetics or molecular genetics will need to sit the LGG examination. 

Prompted by the changes in the American training and examination process, but, even more importantly prompted by the changing ways that genetic diagnostic testing is practiced in the current era of Genomic Medicine, I believe the CCMG needs to examine the nature of our training programs and to consider how we can best prepare our laboratory trainees for this new landscape of practice. 

Therefore, I would like to strike an ad hoc committee to look at the training programs that the CCMG offers and to investigate the alignment of our training programs with the ABMGG.  I would like this committee to ‘think outside the box’ and consider what the core competencies are of a laboratory geneticist and how our training programs can meet the specialty needs of diagnostic testing in the areas of cytogenetics, molecular genetics, cancer genetics and genomics. 

If you are:

  1. Interested in working on this important endeavor,
  2. Experienced in training and education of fellows
  3. Willing to devote time to this, beginning this summer, with a time-line of a written report/proposal by AGM 2018

Then, please send me a message expressing your interest BEFORE JUNE 30. 

Don’t procrastinate…
Membership renewal reminders have been sent to those with outstanding dues.  The CCMG is our ONE national body that connects and represents Canadian Medical Geneticists, so don’t let your Fellowship in the College lapse.  We are stronger together!

Stay in touch
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