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Spring is a time of rejuvenation - and you cannot deny that you need to be rejuvenated. Your colleagues await your irresistible observations and astute insights at th 40th Annual Scientific Conference of the CCMG held jointly with the Annual Conference of the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists June 19 -22, 2016 at the Westin Edmonton Hotel, Edmonton, AB.

Ten reasons not to miss it…

  1. Canadianism. When else will you have the opportunity to share your infinite wisdom with your CCMG fellows from other cities? Dazzle them with your comprehensive grasp of the latest CCMG guidelines - available on our website.
  2. Learning. You will learn great things, from great speakers, on relevant topics – and you can even corner your speaker of preference for a tete-a-tete after his/her presentation. How often can you do that at ASHG/ESHG?
  3. Fellows-in-Training. When will you have another excuse to buy your fellows-in-training a drink? They work hard on your behalf. What about fellows-in-training from other centers? A well-timed drink can go a long way toward recruitment, and we have a record setting number of great trainees sitting exams this year…
  4. Socializing. Can you really afford not to socialize with innovative folks that you may someday submit a grant together? This year, we are mingling with the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists!
  5. Appreciation. You cannot resist a personal expression of your undying appreciation for the work of the Examinations Advisory Group and the Examinations Committee, both of whom have ‘busted their butts’ to revamp our exams process.
  6. Networking. You cannot pass up a great deal on the latest software, cap equipment, disposables or counselling aids for your lab or clinic. The exhibits alone will have you promising your first born to your hospital CFO or provincial MOH executives.
  7. Prizes. Why pass up the opportunity to win a draw at the exhibit hall? Visit an exhibitor and have a conversation with industry. They may offer you a ballot for a draw. The more exhibits you visit and the more quality conversations you have, your odds of winning increase. This is also an opportunity to win exhibitor prizes and share free knowledge in exchange for contact details. You must be present to win.
  8. Annual Business Meeting. The AGM is a gripping experience that is hard to resist. How else will you learn that the CCMG is in a healthy financial position and wants to enhance benefits to its members? How else will you express your preferences about how this occurs
  9. New CCMG Logo? You are curious… not just about science, but about the CCMG’s new 40th anniversary logo.
  10. You. We will miss you!

45th Annual Scientific Meeting (1976 - 2021) | May 31 – June 3 2021
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