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 44th Annual Scientific Meeting (1976 - 2020) held jointly with the CSCC | Winnipeg, MB | June 18-21, 2020

Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg

Six Canadian medical heroes are inducted annually to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments. Pioneers in their field, they are role models of excellence in health in Canada and the world.

Distinguished Professor of the University of Manitoba, and clinician scientist in the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg, has devoted her career to bringing advanced medical knowledge and care to isolated and often vulnerable indigenous populations.  Working closely with the communities themselves, Dr. Rockman-Greenberg developed diagnostic tests, screening programs, and treatments for disorders once poorly understood, improving the lives of generations of children and their families.  As an academic clinician, Dr. Rockman-Greenberg’s research focused on applied molecular genetics and the identification of the molecular basis of genetic disorders overrepresented in unique populations, notably hypophosphatasia (HPP), a metabolic bone disorder, and glutaric aciduria type 1 (GA1), a complex disorder of organic acid metabolism, affecting Mennonite and Indigenous populations respectively. She was the Canadian principal investigator for an industry-sponsored clinical trial of a new enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) drug for the treatment of HPP, a treatment that recently received Health Canada approval and has already transformed an untreatable disorder into a treatable one. Dr. Rockman-Greenberg assured that residency training would include mandatory rotations in rural and remote areas to improve access to health care throughout the province.

The formal induction ceremony was be held on April 12, 2018 at the London Convention Centre in London, Ontario.

Dr. Rockman-Greenberg was CCMG's 2017 Founder Award Recipient and is a member Emeritus of the CCMG.