CCMG Fall 2020 Newsletter

President's Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

CCMG joins its voice to that of other professional societies and healthcare organizations worldwide in denouncing discrimination, intolerance and injustice in all its forms. We collectively serve a diverse patient population from across Canada. Our College is committed to supporting and promoting equitable access to culturally respectful and clinically relevant Medical Genetics healthcare. We train and include among our membership professionals from diverse backgrounds. However, the perpetuation of social injustice outlines that concrete steps must be taken by all to change behavior and, ultimately, history. We can and must do better.

In this spirit, the CCMG is delighted with the successful outcome of the Supreme Court appeal of the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness v. Attorney General of Quebec, et al. regarding the Genetic Non-discrimination Act, meant to protect Canadians who seek medical genetic testing. This is an immense victory for our patients, who now can be assured that they will not have to choose between obtaining essential medical genetic testing and the risk of having information related to this testing used against them.

The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act makes it a crime to require people to take a genetic test or disclose the results of a previous test in order to get a contract, goods or services such as insurance, and sanctions substantial fines or even imprisonment against those who contravene. The College extends its sincere thanks to Michael Bookman of Babin Bessner Spry LLP, who brilliantly represented the CCMG in debating this important constitutional matter.

The challenges of the past months have led to an outpouring of creative solutions to maintain services to our members and fellows in training.

While the ban on commuting prevented the College to hosts its scientific meeting planned in Winnipeg in June 2020, the virtual AGM was attended by a record number of members and received huge praises, having been rapidly and efficiently adapted to the current reality. The CCMG board wishes to thank its new manager, Mrs. Larissa Johnston, for having superbly orchestrated this first almost entirely virtual AGM. The board favourably received the request by many members to maintain the option of virtual attendance to future AGMs.

The Scientific Program committee worked with our CCSC colleagues to adapt trainee presentations and some of the key sessions that had been planned for the Winnipeg joint scientific meeting to a virtual platform. All these sessions were well attended and appreciated by the membership.

The Examination committee also had to adapt the format of the 2020 examinations to adhere to the new physical distancing norm.

It is will a great sense of pride for my profession and my community that I have seen, across Canada, my colleagues push forward with resilience and resourcefulness to adapt, in a very short time span, physically, mentally, socially, to the challenges of the COVID environment. They united, shared resources, re-organised and re-invented the way we provide services and training, to keep answering the needs of our patients, our trainees, our internal communities and the public. A very special thank you to the CCMG Examination commitee members and to our EM+ administrators for their amazing work in preparing and holding the Examinations within this new setting of physical distancing and additional security.

This amazing adaptation and evolution brings me to remind you that 2022 will mark the bicentennial of Gregor Mendel’s birthday on July 22nd, 1822. The 2022 International Congress for Human Genetics is currently planned on Mendel’s Day (March 8) in Cape Town, South Africa. The board welcomes suggestions from the membership on how to participate to the worldwide celebrations that will surround this event. Please forward your suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, the CCMG is proud to inaugurate a new type of members’ exchange interface, the CCMG communities of practice (CoP). These groups (the first established within the CCMG being Cancer Genetics, chaired by Dr. Raymond Kim) are meant to provide an environment in which members can share their practice experiences, develop and discuss areas of interests and build a sense of community. Members of CoPs typically interact on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve clinical and public health practice and to facilitate the implementation of evidence based practice.

A successful CoP is led by its members and requires these members to be active participants. It becomes the members’ responsibility to ensure that a CoP stays relevant, engaging and offers value to the domain of interest. The CCMG welcomes initiatives towards instauration of other successful CoPs!

As we collectively face the challenges of settling into new ways that will likely become lasting habits , I feel confident that the COVID crisis will turn out to be an opportunity for our Canadian Medical Genetics community to rise above the storm and continue to provide forefront guidance and support to those seeking Clinical Genetics care.

With best wishes,

Isabelle De Bie

President, Canadian College of Medical Geneticists


Fellows Who Recently Passed Exams


Despite the unusual circumstances and additional security measures, the CCMG had a very successful exam cycle in 2020, with 27 fellows-in-training passing their respective CCMG examinations.

It is with great pleasure that the CCMG extends its congratulations to each of these new CCMG-CCGM members and to their training sites! The College and the Canadian Medical Genetics community are fortunate to welcome these new talented colleagues. We look forward to having them get actively involved in the CCMG-CCGM activities.

Thank you to Dr Kathy Chun, Dr Stacey Hume and the members of the Examination committee for their invaluable work in overseeing this essential aspect of the College’s activities.

As well, a huge thank you to Dr Jing Liu and to the members of the CCMG Credentials committee for their ongoing work in reviewing the final credentials of these new CCMG fellows.

Clinical Biochemical Genetics:

Aaisha Al Balushi
Danielle Bourque
Nadirah Damseh
Ghada Hijazi
Graeme Nimmo
Rachel Rock
Andrea Yu

Laboratory Biochemical Genetics:
Jessie Cameron
Matthew Henderson
Libin Yuan

Amélie Giguère
Anahita Mohseni Meybodi
Tamas Revay

Molecular Genetics:
Bob Argiropoulos
Melanie Beaulieu Bergeron
Darci Butcher
Karla Bretherick
Laila Cigana Schenkel Magalhaes
Andrea Liliam Gomez Corredor
Fen Guo
Rebekah Jobling
Maksym Misyura
Anahita Mohseni Meybodi
Abdul Noor
Avi Saskin
Adam Shlien
Emma Strong


The CCMG is in the process of rolling out an online, learner-ascribed training activity documentation and feedback platform, to replace the current logbooks, ITERs and FITERs forms. This initiative was driven by a request from the CCMG Training Committee, following the launch of the new Genetic and Genomic Diagnostics Training Guidelines.

The selected platform, T-Res, from Resilience Software, is a mobile logbook and evaluation software which permits real time interactions between Learners and Educators through phone, tablet or laptop. The platform interface is aligned with the current Royal College Competency by Design and Learner-ascribed evaluation formats.

With this documentation tool, trainees are responsible to record their learning activities within a specific training program framework, and to self-assess their level of competence on each activity throughout their training. They are also responsible to document feedback received for each learning experience. Supervisors in turn need to review these entries, confirm whether the trainee did perform the activity, accurately documented their level of competence and received feedback. Supervisors can modify a trainee’s self-assessment record, as well as make additional comments on the particular learning activity being assessed.

Customized reports on learning activities, achieved competencies and feedback can then be created.

This online tool aims to facilitate documentation and access to training records, but also to enhance trainee-supervisor communication and feedback.

For general information on T-Res and Resilience Software, please visit

Coaching of CCMG training sites and Fellows in training on the use of this platform is ongoing, starting with centers that currently have trainees in the GDD program. Logbooks and ITERs/FITERs of all CCMG training programs will each in turn be transferred to this easy to use and intuitive platform.

CCMG Membership Dues

Implementation of new initiatives (the possibility for Committees and Working Groups to hire a Medical Writer, the implementation of electronic records for Logbooks and ITERS/FITERS) comes at a cost. While CCMG membership dues have remained static for more than 8 years, the CCMG nevertheless continued to pursue such innovations, as they benefit the membership and the Medical Genetics community at large.

The CCMG board will recommend an increase in membership fees to allow the continued funding of these initiatives (yearly maintenance fee of the logbook and evaluation software), and to keep up with the slight rise in general management costs, related to the COVID situation (please see below information on Annual Scientific meeting).

Suggested CCMG membership fees for 2022 will be as follows:

CCMG Regular Member 2021 Dues - $565

CCMG Associate Affiliate 2021 Dues - $300

CCMG Fellow-in-Training Affiliate 2021 - $0

Further information will follow.

Communities of Practice Survey

Following the extremely positive response to the creation of the Cancer Genetics community of practice (CoP), the CCMG is seeking the opinion of its members on which other areas of practice would be best suited to establish other successful CoPs.

Please select all which you feel would be of benefit to the CCMG membership. Other suggestions are welcomed.

Take the Survey HERE.

CCMG Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

As the worldwide COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, the odds of an in person CCMG Annual Scientific Meeting for 2021 are becoming slimmer.

The 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting was set to take place in St. John's, Newfoundland. Negotiations are currently ongoing to host the CCMG Annual Scientific Meeting at this location at a later year, possibly 2022, while the 2021 meeting would be held virtually. Updates regarding the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting will be posted to the CCMG website as soon as more concrete plans are ironed out.

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